Alopecia Areata round patches of hair loss appear suddenly. The hair loss is often discovered by a barber or hairdresser. Alopecia Areata by Dr. DeEtta Gray for patients from Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, Seattle and throughout the Northwest.

What causes Alopecia?

In  The hair growing tissue stops making hair, and the hair then falls out from the roots. Why this happens is a mystery. Alopecia is not contagious, is not caused by foods, nor the result of nervousness. It sometimes runs in families.

Alopecia  has three stages. First, there is sudden hair loss. Then the patches of hair loss may enlarge. Last, new hair grows back. This takes months – sometimes more than a year.

How is Alopecia Areata treated?

Hair usually grows back by itself, but slowly. Sometimes the new hair is temporarily gray or white, but after a while the original color usually returns. The natural re-growth of hair can often be sped up by Dr. Gray by injecting a cortisone medicine into the area of hair loss. The cortisone is injected into the skin. It acts only in the area where it has been injected. Unfortunately, this does not prevent new areas of hair loss. However, if new areas of hair loss appear, re-growth may be helped by injecting the cortisone.

Alternatively, topical medications may also be utilized.

Can Alopecia Areata be cured?

There are some forms of treatment that can be suggested by our doctor to help hair re-grow more quickly. However, some of these may help with the re-growth of hair, they cannot prevent the formation of new bald patches.

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