Cosmetic dermatology encompasses procedures that address aesthetic improvement, such as smoothing wrinkles, correcting skin tone and texture, and tightening up sagging skin. Cosmetic treatments differ from other dermatology treatments in that they are not medically necessary but are done to help improve a patient’s self-confidence. We use only the most effective and cutting-edge cosmetic technologies and techniques to provide each and every one of our patients with outstanding and long-lasting results.

At Pinnacle Dermatology & Skin Rejuvenation, we provide the following cosmetic and laser treatments:

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If you are seeking cosmetic or laser treatments in the Bellevue, WA area to help combat aging or improve your appearance, please contact Pinnacle Dermatology & Skin Rejuvenation today! Our friendly team will be happy to schedule your initial consultation appointment, which is the first step toward treatment. During this appointment, you will speak with Dr. Gray regarding your anti-aging goals, as well as review your health history. She will then create a personalized treatment plan for you to help make your aesthetic goals a reality. At our office, we take pride in our professional and effective treatment options to offer you the best results possible.

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