In the past, only neurotoxins such as Botox® and Xeomin® were FDA-approved for the treatment of dynamic lines and wrinkles. However, the RHA® collection of hyaluronic acid fillers have changed up the game, and is now the first FDA-filler approved to treat dynamic wrinkles! RHA® fillers smooth wrinkles by rebuilding lost volume in the tissues to help you achieve a gentler and more youthful appearance while ensuring that you still have the same, animated facial expressions.

What are RHA® 3 and 4?

The RHA® Collection is the only FDA-approved group of hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal fillers for dynamic wrinkles and folds. Like other HA fillers, RHA® is formulated with hyaluronic acid, but the manufacturing process is different. This unique process helps preserve the natural structure of the HA, helping it mimic the natural HA found in your skin. RHA® is the latest advancement in HA filler technology, purposely designed to perform in the most dynamic areas of the face without looking stiff or unnatural. It is designed to be resilient enough to adapt to your facial movement, which may provide a more natural look at rest and in motion.

At Pinnacle Dermatology & Skin Rejuvenation, we offer RHA® 3 and RHA® 4, which are approved RHA® formulates created to address your anti-aging goals.

  • RHA® 3 targets deeper wrinkles around the lip corners, nasolabial area, and jowls.
  • RHA® 4 is designed to treat deep wrinkles on the face, specifically in the cheeks or jowls and to add volume to volume depleted areas

Who is a Candidate for RHA® 3 and 4?

Adults 22 years and older who are interested in softening the appearance of dynamic wrinkles and folds can benefit from RHA® fillers. Individuals who are pregnant or breastfeeding, have a history of severe allergic reactions should not get filler treatment. A consultation appointment with Dr. Gray at our Bellevue, WA office is the best way to determine if this procedure is right for you. 

The RHA® 3 and 4 Treatment

During your RHA® filler appointment, you will be offered the option of a topical numbing agent. However, RHA® fillers do contain lidocaine, which can help to numb the area as well. Once Dr. Gray has determined which areas of the face are going to be treated, she will sterilize the skin and then skillfully inject the filler using a small syringe. Treatments usually take about 10-20 minutes to complete, depending on the amount of change desired.

RHA® 3 and 4 Results

Like other dermal filler injections, you can expect mild swelling, redness, or bruising at the injection sites following your RHA® treatment. There is minimal to no downtime needed, so you can return to your daily activities right away. However, we do recommend avoiding strenuous activity, exposure to extensive sun or heat, and alcoholic beverages within the first 24 hours following treatment. Results are immediate and these fillers are created to be long-lasting, with a duration of 9-18 months.

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If you are interested in learning more about how RHA® fillers can help combat your dynamic lines and wrinkles, contact our office today! Your first step toward treatment will be to schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Gray at our Bellevue, WA office.

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