Laser Hair Removal

Are you tired of relying on shaving, waxing, or tweezing to remove unwanted body hair? If you are looking to eliminate unwanted hair for good, laser hair removal is an effective solution. As one of the most common cosmetic procedures done today, laser hair can be used on any area of the body, so you can feel confident and hair-free all year long!

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is a popular treatment that uses a laser to remove unwanted body hair. The laser used emits a light that is absorbed by the melanin in the targeted hair. The light energy is changed into heat, which then damages the hair follicles that produce hairs, slowing or inhibiting hair growth.

Typical areas of treatment include:

  • Legs
  • Bikini line
  • Armpits
  • Upper lip
  • Chin
  • Many others!

Who is a Candidate for Laser Hair Removal?

Overall, laser hair removal works best on people with lighter skin and darker hair since the pigment of the hair is what absorbs the laser light. However, laser hair removal can be successful on a range of hair and skin colors. The best way to find out if this treatment is a good option for you is to schedule a consultation appointment at our Bellevue, WA office today!

The Laser Hair Removal Treatment

There are some steps that must be taken prior to laser hair removal to prepare your skin and hair. Individuals should limit waxing, tweezing, and electrolysis for about six weeks prior to treatment. This is because the hair root must be intact during laser hair removal since the root is what the laser targets. You should also avoid sun exposure before treatment, as well as sunless tanners that may darken the skin. Finally, blood-thinning medications should be avoided before the procedure.

During the laser hair removal procedure, the treatment area will first be cleansed, and a numbing gel may be applied. Both you and the technician will need to wear special eyewear to protect your eyes from the laser. The skin of the treatment area will then be treated with the hair removal device, which will emit laser pulses that feel similar to warm pinches. Overall treatment time will depend on the size of the area that is being treated.

Laser Hair Removal Results

Redness and swelling are normal following laser hair removal and can be comforted with a cool compress. Over the next month, the treated hair will shed and fall out. A series of treatments will be needed for the best possible outcomes, and the number of treatments required will depend on hair density and growth cycle.

There is no downtime required following treatment, so you can feel free to return to your normal routine as soon as possible. Be sure to wear sunscreen when spending time outdoors following the procedure to protect your treated skin from sunburn.

Who is a candidate for laser hair removal?

Ideal candidates for laser hair removal will have a lighter complexion and dark hair. This is because the laser used will target pigment in the hair follicles. At Pinnacle Dermaology we have a laser that is safe for all skin types including black skin.

What areas can laser hair removal be used?

Laser hair removal can be used to target hair on the face, underarms, back, legs, bikini area, and more. Treated hair must have pigment and may not be blonde, red or gray.

How can I prepare for laser hair removal?

To prepare for your laser hair removal appointment, be sure to avoid prolonged sun exposure for 4 weeks prior, avoid products with benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, and retinol in the treatment areas 48 hours before treatment, and shave the area within 48-72 hours before treatment.

Should I shave before my laser hair removal appointment?

Yes, you should shave the treatment area within 48-72 hours hours before your appointment.

How many laser hair removal sessions are needed?

The number of treatment sessions needed can differ from patient to patient. However, in most cases, optimal results can be achieved in 6-8 sessions.

Is laser hair removal permanent?

Laser hair removal can effectively delay hair growth for long periods and can permanently stop hair growth for most treated follicles. However, some hair follicles will persist but the hairs should be finer.

What should I do after laser hair removal?

Following laser hair removal, avoid direct sun exposure to the treatment area, apply cold packs to the treated areas to treat swelling, and wear loose, soft clothing that will not irritate your skin.

Is laser hair removal painful?

Laser hair removal should not be painful. However, it may cause mild discomfort for some. Many patients describe the treatment as feeling like a rubber band snapping against the skin.

How long does laser hair removal take?

Smaller treatment areas can take just minutes to complete, while larger areas may take 45 minutes to one hour.

How do you know if laser hair removal is working?

Results of laser hair removal can often be seen within the first few weeks after the first appointment. The results will become obvious as the hair in the treatment area begins to fall out, and hair regrowth is slower than before.

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