The TheraClear Acne Treatment System is used in Bellevue, by Dr. DeEtta Gray to provide fast and visible reduction in acne and associated redness.

The TheraClear™ Acne System is a state of the art acne treatment device which addresses multiple causes of acne in a single treatment and only continuously cooled device FDA cleared for the treatment of multiple acne indications on all skin types.

Specific Indications include:

  •  Mild to inflammatory acne (acne vulgaris)
  •  Pustular acne
  •  Comedonal acne

TheraClear Acne Treatment System results #1

The TheraClear Acne System Highlights

 TheraClear laser photo 1

A State of the art hand-designed hand piece delivers both light and vacuum. The TheraClear Regular Inserts, and Acne Surgery Inserts can all be interchanged based on the needs of the treatment area.

  •  Combines light and vacuum for fast and visible reduction in acne and associated redness
  •  Mechanically evacuates sebum and acne causing bacteria for immediate outcomes
  •  Effective on non-responders to other acne treatments
  •  Requires no pre-treatment gels or anesthetics
  •  4-6 ten minute treatments that are painless.

TheraClear Acne Treatment System results #2

Without oral medication, topical treatments or harsh chemicals, The TheraClear Acne System removes the cause of all types of acne during a few comfortable office visits.

TheraClear Acne Treatment System results #3

TheraClear treatments are fast with little to no pain. The TheraClear Acne System is often used without any of the traditional acne therapies or it can be combined with a variety of treatments. By removing the sebum and lightening the redness, acne lesions flatten and then disappear.

Most acne patients require 4 or 5 TheraClear treatments every week to two weeks. Usually after one treatment, there is very little improvement. After the second treatment, the patient should notice a modest improvement. The third treatment, however seems to produce the most significant improvement and after the fourth and fifth treatment, most if not all the acne lesions should be gone.

During this series of TheraClear treatments, the patient may remain on any traditional acne therapies they feel comfortable using. They also should maintain a good skin care regiment which their doctor will discuss with them. Following the final treatment, the patient may also remain on any therapies they feel comfortable with and also must maintain a good skin care regiment.

Most patients require a single touch up treatment every three to four months.

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